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My Passion

I want everyone to learn that having a fabulous home, does not need to cost you a lot of money. It’s all about finding the right pieces and always keeping an eye out. Same goes with your home. Don’t be afraid to take that wall down. I mean that both physically and metaphorically. It always helps bring more light in.

My Story

We all hit a point where we think we have life all figured out, but then, it throws you for a loop and you start all over again. We all grow and change, but staying true to ourselves is the hardest thing.

I grew up a Wisconsin farm girl with a mom who had a love for interior design. Mom always nurtured my creative side whether it was traditional drawing and painting, creative writing, or when I decided to major in it college. Thanks Dad for letting her (and me) just roll with it. I was always raised with a DIY spirit watching mom remodel many areas of our house or doing small home crafts. I guess I’ll just say I’m a

My husband Max and I were almost finished remodeling our first home in Milwaukee, and I took a job 900 miles away in Philadelphia. Talk about change. Being such a large change, and we still aren’t 100% sure if this is where we’ll “officially” end up, we’ve been making our own way in the Dirty Jerz.

Since then, we’ve had our first child Evy, and life has never been the same. Each day I just try to keep things together. I’m still working on it.

Meet the Maureen

I’m a lover of making a house a home. Layers of things make it interesting and tell your personal story. I also love a good deal. With shopping, most of the time it’s well calculated and planned, but occasionally I find a sale I just can’t pass up. I am not afraid of any DIY project. I truly believe, “if there is a will, there is a way.” I love dogsBy day, I empower other women to see their full potential. By night, I toddler wrangle and plan my empire.

I love dogs, beer, Wisconsin football (college and pro), dabbling in gardening, cooking (but not baking), piles of magazines, and flea markets. I have come to terms with being a Scrunchy mom. I used to pride myself on my social media skills, now I’m always trying to catch up (I think I’ve finally learned Snapchat!) #millennialfail

 By day, I empower other women to see their full potential. By night, I toddler wrangle and plan my empire.

I hope you’ll come with me for the ride!


Maureen Anderson

Founder & Dream Home Maker