Fall Mantel Decor 2017

With being renters, one of the few areas I love to change with the seasons is my mantel. The early 2000s decor is dated and I try to give it a facelift as much as possible.  This fall, I wanted to mix in some newer decor to give my fall decor an update.

Simple changes that I made were a new wreath, a different shade of leaves for my garland, a few new floral harvest items and some different pumpkins with varying textures for interest. The rest was grabbing things from around the house.

Using simple dollar store harvest floral items, I created a simple arrangement. I loved using the wheat and feather accents.

These dollar store pumpkins were the best easy way to give a little pop. I know people are over burlap, but I can resist when it’s in small doses. The other pumpkins are covered in small beads. They give tons of sparkle when I light a candle.

You may have seen my new letter board on Instagram, when my in-laws came into town, but I thought it was such a fun way to add extra height and interest.

The letter board words give so much interest and a fun spin on this trend.

One of the newest thing I finally tried was sprucing up the front. Evy is finally at an age where she can leave certain things alone if I tell her no (thank God!), so I added a basket of pumpkins and gourds with this boho blanket.

The extra pop of color in the teal helps tie the fall oranges and creams to the rest of my existing everyday decor. Sadly, the fireplace is still baby-proofed.

What new pieces have you added to your fall decor this year? What’s your favorite trend right now?