Mommy’s Day Off

Like many women in the United States, I am a working mother. I support any family in how they raise their kids, but our family needs me to work and I enjoy doing so.

As part of a work perk, we get half days off on Fridays during the summer. Sometimes, I get asked if I am going to pick up Evy or if I miss her. So here is my answer, yes I miss her when I work. I am very fortunate that my daycare has live webcams I can check in on her at any time. I do not, however, miss her enough to regularly pull her out of daycare. Especially on Fridays. If I was to pick her up, I’d arrive right when she’s going down for her normal naptime. And all mothers know, you don’t mess with naptime. Another reason I don’t get her until her normal time, I need time for myself. That is what those half days are for. Me to recharge and refocus. I also have no family help for chores and such so I try to get some done then as well.

Moms take every minute you can get for yourself. It makes you more present and you can enjoy your kids more. For now, I’m raising my glass and enjoying summer! Cheers!

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